5 Dec 2009

Up-scaling and Replication? 150 Experiences

This paper was presented at e-ASIA 2009, December 3rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Niranjan Meegammana, Shilpa Sayura Foundation, niranjan@info.lk
Rasika Sampath, e Fusion pvt ltd, rasikabin@info.lk
V Murali Khrishna, Haldummulla Nenasala, murali@info.lk
Keeriagolle Dhammasara, Talakumbura Nenasala, dhammasara@info.lk
Gayan Pradeep, Mahiyangana Nenasala, gayangayani@gmail.com
Gamini Chamara, Shilpa Sayura Foundation, chamara@info.lk
Subash Dhanajaya, e fusion pvt Ltd, subash@info.lk

Successful Telecenter based ICT4D projects encounter enlarged challenges, due to increased demand for up-scaling and replication that emerge from innovation and impact. The vertical and horizontal up-scaling and replication challenges existing project strategies, organization capacity and hierarchy to reach sustainability. This paper examines the knowledge emerges from Shilpa Sayura - local language e leaning project up-scaling and replication success with references to the experiences, challenges and lessons learned to emphasize how new forms of partnerships catalyzed an evolutionary process of Up-scaling and replication to ensure long term sustainability and hope to initiate a discussion on challenges of Up-scaling and replication to influence policy and future design approaches of Telecenter based ICT4D projects,

In conclusion, Up-scaling and replication challenges project strategies demanding changes to overcome socio-economic, geographical and policy barriers. Committed individuals significantly increase potential for ICT4D success and wider institutional base is required for up-scaling and replication. Successful pilot projects undergo a transition phase of survival needing collaborative action. In up-scaling and replication stage wise approach is important. Creating local support structures are important and require formal arrangements. Ownership sharing is a vital strategy to facilitate emergence of local leaderships to strengthen the human line up needed for Up-scaling and replication process for long term sustainability.

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