18 Jun 2010

References on Openness



In phylshopcal texts (Nagarjuna, Tripitaka)

"Nagrjuna's more radical purification move renders purity and impurity
along with desires, actions, bodies, producers and products as like
dreams imirages," which are state of minds influencing openness. Nagajuna & Phyloshopy of Openness, Nancy McCagnecy, Rowma &
Liittlefield Publishers Inc., 1997

Openness is historically rooted from belief structures of human life
grounded on scale of values that are relative, personal and subjective.
Hence the task of developing openness requires opening ourselves as
fully as to unfold development issues and to celebrate infinite

The most basic open development requires addressing the bottom of
human suffering while not closing our selves for outside experiences
and locking with established concepts, judgments and norms which
limits the reality of outcome.

The school of openness influesence us to drop our discriminations,
judgments and restraints in order to immerse ourselves in the dynamic
flow of immediate experience, taking openness as an attitude towards
experience that arises from carefully though judgments.
In buddhism Openness is seen as an attitude of one's own mind its
reactions to external affairs, suggests diligent effort and acute
attentiveness with a note of moral caution and care.

Openness can enable new truth to emerge. Understanding others
involves openess towards what it seems rational, true or coherent
which may cover something deeply unfamilier.
Opneness may be discursed when somthing is blindly accepted
without putting the subject at the issue
.procession of thought, imagination and emotion

ideals of ‘Integration’ and ‘Openness' helps tools produced in open
development to use them in many different areas, including research,
education, and other knowledge-related industries and sciences.
education developmentwhy "education equips individuals with the skills and substantive knowledge that allows them to define and to pursuetheir own goals, and also allows them to participate in the life oftheir community as full-fledged, autonomous citizens." Stanford Encyclopedia of Phyloshopy, 2009

"education as transmission of knowledge versus fostering of inquiry
and reasoning skills that are conducive to the development of
autonomy" (SEP) creates a tension between conservative and
progressive education closely relating to human issues.
can education be used as a tool for social reform and an agent ofsocial change.


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