7 Jun 2013

9 reasons why your business need a blog to become #1

1. Definitely a blog increases your social capital, provide your business leads, sales and increases profit.  Most business pay large amounts of advertising their brands on paper. When paper is thrown the content is gone. A blog not like a website. It's posts keeps going into the market like a virus, infecting new and potential customers. Someone shall visit your blog rather than your web site as a blog is more personal, and also share it on their networks.

2. Web Traffic

A blog attracts more audience than your website throgh increased social network sharing. A blog is designed to share. If you maintain a good blog, it will bring traffic and make people coming back for content.

4. Exchange Information
With a blog you can inform your latest news to your audience and  save lots of money on press events. New press loves blogs for content. Your new and potential cutomers can research before they make a purchase. They shall virtually live in experiences of others and  be more confident.
With blogging, unlike websites your business can make information flow both ways.

5. Social Learning
You can learn from your audience about how they rate your products and get comments more personally. You can invite your customers to comment on your blog and publish their comments to outshine the rivals. The informed and educated customers become confident and loyal.   With a blog you can start speaking to your customers direct and gain insights of your customers' needs, challenges and preferences.  Running customer feedback and surveys on your blog gives you instant, spontaneous results  and insights for your product development.

6. Advertising & Sales
In most cases you are able to get initial visibility from your advertising and public relations. A blog is a long term strategy, that can hold prospective clients and win new customers.

7. Energizing the Society
In corporate webs, information stales after sometime. You need a big process to update it and everyone have a say. However the CEO's blog can be written daily or weekly. It can energize staff and your customers. It's because a blog is a personal expression.  Blogging is wonderful way to promote social services of your organisation. It will increase your corporate social responsibility score in society.

8. Responding to Disasters
What would happens if a bad story about your business spread around social networks. Your blog can quickly respond to minimize the damage.

9. Increasing Brand EquityYou can build trust and familiarity into your products and brands with blogging. You can easliy grow your brand to a community with Facebook likes and G+.

if you haven't created your corporate blog start it now.

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