5 Jun 2013

Don't go to your beautician! Goto to Photoshop CS 6!

How do you do that folks?

 1.  Get rid of blemishes first to remove distracting parts.
Select Healing Brush, set brush size, click on a clean spot on the photo and click on imperfect spots and see the magic...

 Select unwanted yellow parts (Gums, Teeth etc) with lasso tool.   Use masking to erase unwanted parts.

 3.  The blur tool helps you to even out skin tones. Get rid of unnatural skin tones. Be careful not to blur hair and eyes.

 Use selective color and play with red tones, hue saturation to give a natural skin color.Micheal Freeman has a great tutorial on color

 5.  Give the person more life by sharping hari, eyes, nose, lines etc.

 Even out features using diffuse filter to give a softer look. Fading 40%-50% shall give the glamour look. 

 7.  Duplicate and desturate layer. Set the blending option to 'overlay' and experiment with Gaussian blur effect to make the photo softer, while maintaining it's sharpness. 7.  Finally use the sharpen filter to improve dul areas.http://blog.video2brain.com/en/sharpening-with-photoshop-cs6-smart-filters-3538.htm

See You got the Look Now!

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