2 Jun 2013

What is your 10 commands to write super blog headlines !

Online or Print 8 out 10 people read headline. Only 2 out of 8 read the rest. With out a good head line you can miss a golden content marketing opportunity.  Without a good headline , you cant attract your target audience. It will make your valuable content go unread.
Writing effective headlines can be challenging—but not impossible.

1. Use Numbers
Blog headlines containing numbers bring in more traffic.

10 Tips to write blog headlines is better than Tips for blogging. The numbers give a sense of the content and what would the reader gain.

2. Speak directly to the reader
The word “your” helps to personalize the content to make reader think that it's written for him.

3. Use strong adjectives
Use stronger words for headline.  Super is better than better, Extraordinary is even better.

4. Make a bold statement
Your headline must get an attention, among other listing in a list or rss feed to create curiosity in the reader
Dont' say what everyone has had before. Find something new.

5. Appeal to the reader’s curiosity

Make reader read on. Use pictures related to headline. Google finds them.6. Asking a questions help reader engagement. 

Probably he shall +1 your article.

7. Stress the “urgency factor”
Words like “today,” “now,” “immediately,” and phrases like “right away” stress immediacy. 

8. Appeal to deeply-felt sentiments: frustration, fear, desire
Show your reader that you understand their hopes and fears. 

9. Be specific of your headlines. It should be relevant to the content. Make reader appreciate.

10. Don’t be too clever with language.
Don’t forget search engines. Think what people would search.

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