11 Feb 2012

The new teaching model of the world

The new teaching model of the world incorporates problem based learning, project-based learning and challenge based learning focusing on real problems faced in the real world . It engages students’ curiosity and desire to learn to solve of real problems at the center of the curriculum, and giving students access to 21st century tools, help them to work collaboratively on their own time . In 21st century learning students direct the course of their learning and engage teachers in a supportive role as guides .

Challenge-based learning brings relevance to class work . It gives students the opportunity to focus on a challenge of global significance, yet apply themselves to developing local solutions, challenge-based learning creates a space where students can direct their own research into real-world matters and think critically about how to apply what they learn . It increases their engagement, time spent in learning, creative application of technology, and increases student satisfaction with education . And students master the subject-area of content and developed many of the skills identified as vital for 21st century learners.

in problem-based learning, the teacher’s primary role shifts from dispensing information to guiding the construction of knowledge by his or her students around an initially ill-defined problem . Students refine the problem, develop research questions, investigate the topic using a wide variety of primary source material,
and work out a variety of possible solutions before identifying the most reasonable one . Documentation of the process and a high-quality production of findings further serve to give the process relevance to the world of actual work .

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