31 May 2013

How to Include 5 star rating widget in to new blogger?

ඔබේ සිත් සටහන් සඳහා තරැ ඇගීමක් ලබාගැනීම.

When your blog readers read your blog post, you can ask them to like it on FB or +1 in google or stumble upon or pinterest. But how would do you know that how much your reader like your post comparing to your other posts.

How your effective  is your Blog post? Does your blog post satisfy the reader and to what degree, so you will learn to improve. If you want to be a Pro-blogger these little things matter in your blogging carer.

Not every visitor would comment on your blog. Specially when they have a technical problem with local language input methods. Star Rating using 5 stars, is the most simplest and easiest  way to get feedback from every reader.

Google has given you more control of widgets configuration in blogger than old blogger.
Once your login to draft.blogger.com, select your blog to add start rating.

Goto layout > click edit
scroll down and tick Show Star Rating.
Then add following code at any place where you need Star rating in your template

Click on Save. The Star Rating will appear in your blog.

To add the Star Rating just below Title

Add following code just below

Enjoy HTML5 Blogging!

Niranjan Meegammana
Shilpa Sayura Foundation

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