3 Mar 2009

Project E3 : Determining Telecenter network objectives

Determining network objectives is the firstmost acativity to develop a Telecenter Network, require considering the needs of different Telecenters participating in the network. in Project E3 We did it through a needs assesment followed by a network think tank workshop of the telecenter community.

The needs assesment captured telecenter issues, needs and opportunities of each telecenter and the network. At the think tank workshop the findings were presented to telecenters and a strategies that were developped to develop the telecenter sustainability, indicated the value of the network to achive the what is planned.

The network objectives were defined to cater achivement of Telecenter sustainability. Additional objectives were added following national needs, government policy, global trends.

Therefore the network ojectives need to adjectidress four key areas.

1. Objectives for Sustainability development of Network members
Capacity building , training, resources and prohects

2. Objectives set by Regional, National, community needs

3. Objectives set by Regional, National, Government policy
Sri Lanka targets 50% ICT Literacy by 2010

4. Global Telecenter Movement Trends
Participation, Contribution , Networking

5. Network specific objectives determined by Network members

Establishing Network objectives require maximum participation, adequate discussion and endosement by partcipating telecenters as they will be the guiding principals of the network.

Network objectives require transformation them to network strategies, that will lead the Network. Sustainability, Inclusion,

Niranjan Meegammana

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