25 Jul 2013

10 Tips for a Mobile Friendly Site:

1.  Keep it Quick – Design your site to load fast and make copy easy to scan

2.  Simplify Navigation – Create clear navigation and search function

3.  Be Thumb Friendly – Design your site so any size hand can easily interact with it

4.  Design for Visibility – Make it easy for your customers to read

5.  Make it Accessible – Mobile sites should work across all mobile devices

6.  Make it Easy to Convert – Create clear ways for your users to make purchases or contact you
7.  Make it Local – Consumers look for local information on their phones all the time
8.  Make it Seamless – Convert as much of the functionality of your desktop site to mobile
9.  Use Mobile Site Redirects – Ensure that visitors are redirected to your mobile friend site
10. Listen, Learn and Iterate – Make testing and optimization an ongoing process

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