15 May 2009

Between reality and illusion : 4 Stories from Uva Nenasala

Nenasala development is empowering the grass roots; creating bridges; opening spaces; making people speak; and bringing everyone into a one platform.

Listen to them and find your way to do it better.

From Uva RIT project planning and Year of English & ICT Year Workshops Feb 14/15

Siyambalnduwa Nenasala Operator Chaminda
From poor Nenasala to Excellent Nenasala through Community Efforts

Palawatte Nenasala Operator Nalika
Not giving Up and Showing the girl power

Nagala Nenasala Operator Saman
Expansion of horizen of Knowledge across regions

Heeloya Nenasala Operator Keerthi
Experience into action through multi stake holder partnerships

Niranjan Meegammana Workshop Lecture on Project Planning
Commitment to server starts at your Heart

Video by
Subash Dhanajaya
Kaputa.com MEDIA TEAM

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