28 Jul 2009

E3: How e-learning, e business and e Leadership Join in for Sustaining Telecenters ?


is an idea evolved through Shilpa Sayura Experiences and learned interactions in e-India 2007, followed by GK3 and Stockholm Challenge 2008 which expanded our world of ICT4D. We began to redefine boundaries of our knowledge. Having interacted with Nenasala closely, we found that Telecenters needed something special for long term sustainability. In Sri Lanka many of the Telecenters has taken up ICT literacy development model for sustainability, which is a natural tendency and seems ok when government subsidized the internet access and technical services, however Nenasala have to stand their own, but how?

We began to question ourselves to find out how Telecenters can rise as successful enterprises. How they could be a unique resource in their communities? Talking to farmers, women, youth and professionals, we found that a change in Nenasala model is the need of the hour.

I could frankly say, visiting DSV and meeting Earl Mardle, Bjorn Peterson, Prasad Jayaweera, Love Ekenberg, Henrick Hanson, Peter Mozellius was a major turning point in E3 idea evolution.

Being in private sector for a long time and e learning experiences from Shilpa Sayura, We thought that Nenasala Telecenters can generate revenue from e learning and e business and provide leadership for social change as a sustainability strategy. Everyone thought it’s a good idea, but where it could be applied to find answers and How E3 could be proved as a hypothesis was a mind blowing challenge.

We had an opportunity to work on our own backyard with ICTA Regional Impact Team Assignment which aimed at sustaining 60 Nenasala Telecenters in Uva Province. E3 was our designed strategy for Telecenter Sustainability. That was how E3 concept for Telecenter Sustainability got realized. Since June 2009, we had been researching E3 to enhance our learning on Telecenter Sustainability.

After a year we have interesting results, important findings and new questions which we want to share with concerned Telecenter community. We will be presenting E3 in e-India 2009 to initiate a discussion among Telecenter community on E3 and it’s global applicability as an adaptable, replicable framework to sustain Telecenter Networks.

This is my first post of a series of blogs which I intend to write to create space for E3 discussion and I hope both my Research paper on E3 and this blog series will complement each other. Still at early stages of learning E3 provides us an insight into future of Telecenter Networks, that cater e-learning, e business and e Leadership to develop a knowledge society.

The E3 idea is simple for anyone to grasp, but the questions in our hand are how we use E3? what tools and methods that will make Telecenters sustain with E3. These questions to be answered from more research and application of what we learn for development.

In my next blogs I intend to further elaborate on E3 framework and it’s building blocks and how them impact in real ground situations in Telecenter Sustainability.

Niranjan Meegammana

“Truth is what stands the test of experience.”
-Albert Einstein

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