22 Jul 2009

Navagoviya – e learning for farmers through Telecenters

Navagoviya - ICT for Modern Agriculture Project is a Public, Private Community Collaborative in Sri Lanka to develop farmers, providing local language e learning courses in modern Agriculture. The project aims to develop new farmers who would popularize modern farming knowledge in rural communities and encourage sustainable agriculture practices using appropriate technology and practices.

As a Telecenter based e-Agriculture initiative, Navagoviya aimed at developing new breed of farmers who would be motivated to transform traditional farming practices into sustainable agriculture with a greater concern for environment sustainability. Navagoviya implemented by CIC Agribusiness with ICTA e-SDI partnership assistance grant of Rs. 4.5m, partnering with University of Peradeniya, Nenasala Telecenters, e Fusion and Shilpa Sayura.

The 587 inter connected Nenasala Tele Center Network established in rural communities is a great potential as a Modern Agriculture Knowledge Center. The project has produced electronic content and an e Learning website for farmers to acquire Modern Farming Knowledge in local language. A group of Telecenter Leaders are being trained as e learning facilitators for the first foundation course in Modern Agriculture.

Speaking at the workshop held from July 17-20, in Kandy to train Nenasala operators on e-Agriculture, Professor Buddhi Marambe, Dean of Agriculture Faculty, University of Peradeniya said "This course designed as the foundation in modern agriculture with concerns for environment, economy and food security and provide a base for future agriculture education."

"Navagovia.org will go live in mid August as one of the most innovative projects implemented in Sri Lanka for modern agriculture development in rural communities" says project director Wasantha Duggannarala.

”This is real good product and opportunity for us to expand Nenasala services to farmers offering e learning in modern agriculture course” Thaminda Balasooriya Nenasala Operator said. Chathuri, A female Nenasala operator from Polonnaruwa said “We can develop female farmers to improve their home gardening with Navagoviya”. All Nenasala operators, Teachers, Farmers took part in the training expressed their deepest satisfaction for the 4 day course on e-Agriculture. They were able to learning something new, exchange knowledge and learn from best Agriculture Experts in the country. It was also an event for bridging gaps and leveling the ground.

Rural farmers had constraints accessing modern knowledge and the learned community advice to develop their agriculture practices. Navagoviya provides content, linkages and e learning connecting farmers to highest knowledge sources through Telecenters. It's a development of both ends to share knowledge to develop sustainable farming in Sri Lanka. Navagoviya makes it possible for rural farmers use e learning to develop their farming practices as the content available in Sinhala and Tamil Languages.

Designed to suit needs of Farmers, Students, Women and public officials; Navagoviya uses an online platform developed by e fusion to deliver 24 modules course in modern Agriculture. The content is also supplemented by video lectures, field trips and in-farm training, Telecenter based group discussions to adapt learning local needs, an expert panel will assist learners online, therefore go beyond internet only e learning.and most importantly, the vision of Nenasala Telecenters to be a rural knowledge development center, is now becoming true in Sri Lanka with Navagoviya - ICT 4 Modern Agriculture Project.

Niranjan Meegammana
Team Leader
Navagoviya Project
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Colombo Sri Lanka


Slide Show of Project Activities

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